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$150 Non-refundable application fee


Full Time

$4,400 for the complete 15-week term

$280/week for 2-14 weeks


Cost Includes:

6 Classes (18 hours) per week of instruction: Grammar, Conversation, Idioms, Listening, Writing and Reading

All required coursebooks

Weekly tutoring

Academic Advising

Daily coffee and tea, and weekly snacks

Wifi Access onsite

*Weekly social activities


*Social activities are often free, but some activities may require a small fee for participation. All after-school activities are optional.


Note: All F1 Students are required to study full-time.


Part Time


Part-time students pay per class for materials



Students enrolled in our Intensive English Program do not pay extra fees for the TOEFL Preparation class.

Part time students pay $15 per hour, or $112.50 per week if they are enrolled only in TOEFL.

TOEFL Materials fees are $120



Our private teaching rate is $40/hour.


Elective Classes


Cancellation and Refund Policy


Tuition is refundable. $100 registration fee and books used by the student are NON-refundable, unless an AIA program for which the student is registered is cancelled.


Students must notify AIA of withdrawal either in writing or by email.

AIA will give students refunds within 45 days of receiving the withdrawal notice.


AIA will refund all tuition before the term starts if 1) visa application is denied 2) an AIA program is cancelled 3) student does not attend as planned.


The first four weeks of tuition of the initial program of study for which a student is registered are not refundable. Students that withdraw before 50% of their intended program of study is complete will receive a 100% refund on unused tuition less the first four weeks tuition for initial enrollments. Students that withdraw after 50% of the program is complete may receive a 75% refund on unused tuition. Refunds are calculated based on the student’s last day of attendance.


Students that are terminated due to violating AIA’s attendance, progress or disciplinary policies, or local, state or federal laws, are not eligible for a refund.