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Austin, Texas

Austin is the capital of Texas and one of the most exciting cities in the U.S. It is small enough to be comfortable, but big enough to offer everything a bigger city does: museums, excellent restaurants, nightlife, movies, festivals and outdoor activities. The sun always seems to be out in Austin! We average over 300 days of sunshine a year. The summers are hot, but our winters are mild.


Austin is also home to world-class universities and AIA is located just blocks from one of the top universities in the country: the University of Texas.  Students can walk to campus in just minutes, or take a 5 minute bus ride to be in the heart of downtown Austin.


Austin is constantly rated one of the top cities in the country. Here are just a few of the rankings from 2012:

Bloomberg News ranks Austin #1 on its list of Top 12 American Boomtowns (April 2013)


Forbes names Austin America's fastest growing city (2013)


USA Today names Austin a Top City for Tech Startups (August 2012)


Forbes ranks Austin among America's Coolest Cities to Live (July 2012)


Austin – #8 Best City in America (Business Week, September 2012)


Austin – No. 1 on List of Destinations on the Rise (Trip Advisor, November 2012)


Austin – #2 Best City for Young Adults (Kiplinger, July 2012)


UT Austin – No. 25 in World University Ranking (UT News, October 2012)


Austin - 10th Best City for College Grads (Rent.com, June 2012)


Austin - #6 Lowest Crime Rate in the Nation (CQ Press, 2012)


Austin - #10 Best Nightlife Scene in the US (Travel, 2012)


AIA does not have on-campus accommodations but, at no extra cost, we are able to assist you in finding housing.



Dorms are the most popular choice of housing for students at AIA. Typically you share a room with another student, but it is also possible to have a private room. Please see the list below for dorms close to the school:


    Goodall Wooten

    Amenities: social activities, computer lab with internet, common area, sports court,

    discount for Dobie Center cafeteria, month-to-month available

    Price range: $3890shared-$8070 private suite/ 9 months; $700-$1100 summer sessions



    The Dobie Center

    Amenities:free wi-fi, fitness center, mall with food court and movie theater, basketball and

    volleyball courts, cafeteria, computer lab, month-to-month available.

    Price range:$8420-$15030/ 9 months, includes meals



    The Castilian

    Amenities:indoor swimming pool, t.v and piano lounge, tanning beds,

    center, study lounges, laundry facilities

    Price range:$8600- $14,200/ 9 months



    University Towers

    Amenities:walk-in closets, private balconies, housekeeping service,computer lab,

    swimming pool, cafeteria, game room, fitness center, month-to –month available

    Price range:$1030-$1135/month, includes meals



    Scottish Rite Dormitory(women only)

    Amenities:cafeteria, fitness center with classes, library and study hall,social activities,

    swimming pool

    Price range:$9600- $12,500/ 9 months



    Hardin House (women only)

    Amenities:meal service, housekeeping, fitness rooms, T.V. and lounge areas, cable t.v.,

    wi-fi or cable internet by subscription, swimming pool

    Price range:$12,500-$14,700/ 9 months



Apartments that will accept international students are sometimes hard to come by. Here are two locations that do:


     West 24th Street Apartments - within walking distance to AIA



     Mesquite Tree Apartments - within walking distance to AIA

     2410 Longview

     novyvo@aol.com (owner)


     The Ballpark at Austin - student-only apartments a bus ride away from AIA



     University Village - popular with students, only a bus ride away from AIA



     University Estates - furnished student apartments a bus ride away from AIA





A co-op is a type of housing that is owned and managed by its members, usually people who live there. It is often cheaper than living in a dorm or apartment, but you will need to help with chores or cooking at the house. Here is a list of co-ops that are close to the school:


     ICC Co ops

     $6347 - 9 months



     College Houses

     $5157 - $6876 - 9 months



     German House

     $550 - $660/month





A hostel is a good choice for students that want to study for a short time. The hostel in Austin offers cheap housing in a shared room.  Prices are from $19-$52 a night.


     Hostelling International Austin


     (512) 444-2294